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Bean Bag

One thing we can’t wait to do after a long day of fishing on the Texas flats has to relax at home with an ice cold beer on a giant bean bag. We love our giant bean bag and I’m so happy that we bought it. After a long day of fishing, that Texas sun starts to get to you. But, you can just sit back and relax and stretch out on a bean bag.

There a lot of different brands, but I’m happy with the one we went with. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other ones but I say that this one will last longer. Also the cover is a nice material. I’m not sure what it is but it has a nice feel to it. It feels like a much higher quality than some of the other cheaper brands. I’m glad we got this bean bag because it seems to me like it the best quality you can get online. So, if you’re interested in a bean bag I highly recommend this one. You can check out their sites here. Also, there’s some videos where you can share your experiences and see the experiences of other people that they have had with their bean bag.


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