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Recently purchased a Johnson 115 Ocean Pro ... original owner cut the oiling system loose when new (didn't like to depend on anything automatic".  I have the original tank with hose & wires... wondering if there's any way to test it before depending on it to work.  Am guessing the pump is in the tank so if I hook it up to 12V. DC it should pump oil out if it's working... right?  Is there anyway to calibrate it if it does work?  Thanks

If it does work and you hook up. Make sure you put oil in pump reservoir and mark the side of oil level with a magic marker with date. Also add the needed oil to tank and run your motor normally. What this will do is double oil while running, which is ok but it will allow you to see if the auto oiler is working with out the worries of burning up your motor. Might foul your plugs over time but worth the peace of mine of running your motor with no oil. After you see its oiling you can start putting straight gas in tank. IMO. My $.02 cent. James

what year is the motor? I have a 200HP and found that when I removed the oil injection system the alarm went off after about a mile of travel.
I also thought that it was strange that the OEM designed removing the injection system down to plugs attached to the motor for capping lines and elect. connections. In MYO I had rather mix and be sure ;D

Thanks to you both for answering my questions... forgot to mention, the motor is a 2001 "Ocean Pro" don't even know if it has an alarm or if it still works if connected.  Might be one more thing he disconnected at the start.
I also thought of installing a small pressure gauge inline to monitor the flow pressure for awhile... guess it will pressure up against whatever kind of injectors it has in there.  The alarm idea would be a good one if I can find a pressure switch that will operate off whatever pressure the pump puts out.  Thanks again.


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