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cold laser devicesOne of the latest and most popular items for pain management today is low level laser therapy, or cold lasers. Low level laser therapy, or LLLT for short, is where you stimulate cell regeneration and healing through photons emitted by cold lasers.

Why are they called cold lasers? Well, cold lasers are cold because they work at a wavelength and emit the photons in very short bursts. These burst are happening thousands of times per second, that’s how fast they are. See it here at Tumblr – Cold Lasers. Because it does it so quickly the tissue doesn’t have a chance to heat up. Also, the wavelength of the cold laser makes it less likely to cause damage to the surrounding areas.

So, why would you shoot yourself with a laser? That’s a great question! The laser has been shown to help relieve pain from all sorts of ailments like arthritis, neck injuries, sprains and other things that cause pain. Why does this tech work on various types of pain? Well, that is because it works at a cellular level. Because it helps the cells to regenerate it can have a wide variety of applications. You can see more here:

Think about what you can accomplish with the ability to cause faster regeneration at a cellular level. Because all injuries are basically damaged cells in our bodies, the cold laser therapy device can treat most kinds of pain.

This is great to know, but where can you find this kind of treatment? Most people are first exposed to cold laser technology when they visit their doctor.

But, going to the doctor can be expensive, especially if you want to have multiple treatments, which practically everyone who uses it does. Seem people use it several times per day.

It’s simply not practical to go to the doctor to get cold laser therapy.

So, a lot of people just buy them to use at home.

Now, they’re not very cheap. It depends on which kind you get. The really cheap ones are around $2000, but you get what you pay for. No extras. One of the most popular cold laser brands is Terraquant – Review: They have a variety of different options and packages with various modifications in the equipment. Thor is another big brand that most people trust.

No matter what brand you get, you want to be sure to read the reviews. A well reviewed LLLT equipment is probably going to do a lot more for you than a poorly reviewed one. Also, make sure that it has been tested on humans. I see a lot of ads for cold laser for pets by veterinarians. It’s basically the same thing, for pain management, but I’d personally feel safer getting one specifically designed for humans. But, that’s just me.

All in all, I think cold lasers are a great investment, especially if you’ve tried it before and it worked for you. Then it just makes financial sense to get your own, depending on how often you want to use it. If you’re going more than once a month, it’s probably worth it to get your own.

I hope that this article has been helpful to you in your decision to buy a cold laser for sale. Please leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this.