Plumbers Tips

In this article I’m going to be explaining some of the lesser known tips and ideas for dealing with plumbing in your home, and how to pick a good professional. By the end, you’ll know the ins and out of dealing with contractors and what to look for.

Plumbing issues are sometimes straightforward and can be identified easily by any plumber. A leaky faucet is pretty simple to fix. A toilet that makes a loud sound after flushing just needs the flush valve replaced. You can even pick up one of these yourself at Home Depot.

However, not all plumbing issues are as easy to diagnose. Many people have had the experience where they have a toilet that backs up into the house. They call a plumber and they remove the clog. Then, the next day, it backs up into the house again. They call their plumber again, they do the same thing, and the next day the toilet backs up again.

Why does this happen?

Well, there are a number of possible reasons. There are many ways to go about diagnosing it, too. The problem could be further down the drain and you would never be able to tell. The problem may not even be under the house but outside.

It’s also possible that your pipes are just corroded all over the place and need to be replaced with new ones. This can be expensive, but sure beats having someone come out, paying them, and the problem not being fixed after days or weeks of trying. It’s better to at least know what the problem really is and addressing it head on, rather than guessing at what may or may not work.

If you’ve ever experienced a plumbing problem that just won’t go away, then you know how annoying and frustrating this can be.

What some higher end plumbing companies can do for you is provide you with a video snaking diagnosis. This is a pretty nifty tool that is basically a camera on the end of a drain snake. They put the camera down the drain and can see exactly what’s going on in your pipes. They can keep going along the pipe until they find the problem.

Something like this:

So, what do you do when you find the problem? Well, these devices have a radio locator on them that lets you pinpoint the location of the camera and know where the problem is. If the problem is under the garage floor, they’ll know exactly where to break the concrete. No guesswork.

Another neat feature is that they can record video and audio. The audio is recorded at the handle end, so the plumber can talk about what he sees and explain what’s happening. The recorded video of the inside of the pipes lets him make a little movie where he can show the house owner exactly what the problem is with their pipes. This sets many customers at ease because they can literally see what’s happening and what needs to be done about it. They know that they can rely on their plumber because they are showing them proof of what the problem is.

Another project you’ll want a good plumber for is to remodel or restore your bathroom.

Who should you pick? You’ll want someone with an eye for design and aesthetics and who is passionate about remodels.

How do you tell who has a good eye for style and design? Look to see what they have done in the past! Most plumbers have websites that will showcase their past work. You can look through these photos for ideas of what to do with your bathroom as well. You can also find ideas for what you may want to do with your space, too. You’ll know that they can do the same for you because they already did it for someone else.

A bathroom remodel after the plumber is finished

Like with any profession, different plumbers have different preferences. Some of them may not like doing remodels very much and that will show in their work. Some of them love doing remodels, so the quality will be much better.

So, I recommend you look at other remodeling jobs they have done to make sure you like their style, and get someone who has a clear passion for this type of work, like the guys at Forthright Plumbing.

There you go. I hope all of that helps you when looking for and deciding on a plumber. There are a lot of different skill and experience levels in this industry, so it’s ok to shop around. With these tips you can be confident if picking the right one.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave one below.


Where To Buy Only The Best Fish Finders

Fish finders are a great tool if you want to go fishing in the near future. The best fish finder will help you to not waste your time because you will know where the fish are in a body of water. To learn where to find one you can check out the following advice.

There are a lot of different options on the market and you have to know which of them are considered the best by reviewers. If something is brand new and it doesn’t have any reviews attached to it, then you should wait a little while to get it. You don’t want to splurge on it only to find out it’s not going to work properly. Make sure the people are talking about the model you are looking into since companies upgrade their products every once in a while sometimes.

A seller also needs to be good and should have positive reviews associated with their companies. There are a lot of sites where you are able to pick out someone to buy from that is on a list. Buying from someone on a site like Amazon is fairly safe because if they don’t give you what you ordered they will be able to get your money back for you. But, you still don’t want to have to deal with making a return because it takes a lot of time and energy to work on to get the money back.

Making an investment in a fish finder can save you a lot of time as long as it’s a high quality one. Always buy something based on what reviews say and not what you can find that has the lowest price. If you have any issue, you can always make a return if the seller allows it.

Once you have all your fishing equipment in check, you’ll need to do a Google search of fishing charters near me, and book you and your fishing buddies a trip!


More About Our Bean Bags… I guess.

You know, it’s funny the things that people ask about when you’re on the internet. I made this blog to talk more about the Texas flats and everything about fishing. So most of this blog is all about fishing. We talked about fishing on the flats, different fishing resources, and even a little bit of off road challenges, but still everything is having to do with fishing on the Texas Flats.

Curiosity About Our Bean Bags

For some reason though, a lot of people are asking about our giant bean bags we posted about. I guess a lot of people are interested in buying these for themselves so they want to know more about it from somebody who already has them. Personally, I recommend you check out some of the various social sites that we’ve posted our bean bags on like here.



Check Online

You can look at pictures, videos, and experiences from other people as to how they like their being back. There are a lot of different places to buy those bean bags online and they’re all a little bit different. We like our gigantic bean bag and are very happy with it so you can check out what we post about ours if that’s the kind that you want to get.

More Expensive

Our bean bag is a little bit higher end and more expensive. But, I believe that you get what you pay for and they were getting pretty much the best gigantic bean bag on the market. You can get everything from a six foot to an eight foot. This gigantic bean bag is really comfortable and great for lounging around after a long day of fishing.

So, be sure and check out some of our different social profiles to see all the post that we’ve done on the bean bag. I don’t want to take up too much space talking about bean bags on this blog as it’s supposed to be more about fishing, but since everyone has been asking about it I figured I’d point you in the right direction.

Take care,



Giant Bean Bags

One thing we can’t wait to do after a long day of fishing on the Texas flats has to relax at home with an ice cold beer on a giant bean bag. We love our giant bean bag and I’m so happy that we bought it. After a long day of fishing, that Texas sun starts to get to you. But, you can just sit back and relax and stretch out on a bean bag.

There a lot of different brands, but I’m happy with the one we went with. It’s a little more expensive than some of the other ones but I say that this one will last longer. Also the cover is a nice material. I’m not sure what it is but it has a nice feel to it. It feels like a much higher quality than some of the other cheaper brands. I’m glad we got this bean bag because it seems to me like it the best quality you can get online. So, if you’re interested in a bean bag I highly recommend this one. You can check out their sites here. Also, there’s some videos where you can share your experiences and see the experiences of other people that they have had with their bean bag.





New Bean Bag for Our Home

Well, we just found ourselves some of the most comfortable furniture we’ve ever had! Hi all, Deborah here and we’re taking a break from talking about fishing, to talk a little bit more about the latest neat thing I bought.

I just picked up one of these from the gigantic bean bags website. It came in pretty quick and I was surprised to see it in 2 boxes. But it wasn’t that difficult to figure out. It came with instructions and I’m a pretty smart cookie so I was able to do it all by myself.

So it turns out that one of the boxes has the cover in it, and the other box has all the foam filling. That foam filling is what makes this huge bed sized bean bag special. Unlike other cheaper brands that have actual beans or beads inside of their bean bags, this bean bag has furniture grade foam. It is high-quality polyurethane foam, the same kind used in furniture.

So, once you get it out of the vacuum wrapping, you dump it into the liner. Then, once it’s in the liner, you stick it into the cover and zip that baby up. It takes about a day, for all the foam filling to let get air to it and expand. It comes wrapped up really tight so that you can ship it smaller. But once it starts to get air to it it’ll gradually expand over the course of the day. By the end of the day it’ll be full sized.

We got the 7-foot round one in black. I like the black color. It goes really well with our living room and our décor in there. Believe me, when they say 7 feet round they made 7 feet round. It is a lot bigger than I thought, even though I knew what the dimensions would be. But I guess that’s what you get with a giant bean bag, right? Anyway, if you’d like to check one out and get it for yourself you can visit their website here. Also they have social accounts where you’ll probably see me too. Once you buy one you can post it and then share it and you can see all the other people who have thought the same thing as you.

One really nice thing about this bean bag is that the cover is machine washable. You can take the whole thing off and wash it. That’s really good because if you’ve got kids, they can make a mess as you know. Also, even if you don’t have kids, it’s nice to be able to just relax with some popcorn and a drink while watching a movie. You don’t need to worry about spilling something because if you do you can just wash it out and it’s not really a big deal. It is pretty big and I would say it’s cumbersome to try to wash it. But, it is doable. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but you can wash the cover. Personally, I prefer to just keep it clean as best as possible and then I don’t have to worry about washing it.


Fishing Resources

Hi All! Debra here with, and I wanted to share with you some useful resources on Flats fishing I found. Most people learn to fish on the flats here in Texas from friends and family. But, if you’ve got no one to teach you there are many places online willing to lend you a helping hand. Even if you’re an experienced angler, you can always get the help of weather and tide reports.

So, here are some useful resources to help you navigate the fishing flats.

The Flats Guide is a useful Facebook page that is all about fishing in Texas flats. Here, members can share their experiences, photos, and upload videos. This is a great community to join if fishing is your passion.

fishing the grass in the flatsAnother helpful site is the Texas Weekend Angler. It is specific to Texas flats style fishing and even has helpful tips such as the best approaches, how to deal with grass, beating the edges, and more. Whether you’re drifting, poling, or wading, this site will give you some best practices to get the most out of your fishing experience.

A nice forum to be a part of is which has board for Texans, specifically. I believe they have temporarily moved their board to Facebook, but are a great resource and will probably be back up soon. Check them out! Fishing League Worldwide has tips on flats fishing featuring world-renowned experts, Andrew Bostick and David Walker. David Walker, Flats Fishing Expert

2 Places to see texas tide tables:

Here is a video of some flats fishing done in Rockport, TX.


Welcome to! The Glory of Fishing

Welcome! Texas Flats is all about the glory of fishing. Whether it’s talking bait, lures, or your latest catch, his is the place where local guys can come together. We’ll be staying up to date with the latest fishing news, events, and resources. You’ll find us posting of fishing, boats, sports, and the nearby campgrounds. Our fishing forum has been moved and will be up soon.

sign of texas flatsLater in the summer we’ll be at the Texas Flats Summer Fishing Competition as an official sponsor. There will be games, food and fun for the whole family. Also, we’ll be featuring the winners right here on the site. Thank you so much for visiting our new site and we hope to see you again soon either here or out on the water. So, if fishing is your idea of heaven, then give us a holler in a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

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texas flats

For now, enjoy this video form RVG Outdoors.